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Nanobiotechnology and Cell Molecular

Imaging Laboratory


Department of Biomedical Engineering


We develop molecular scale nanoparticle imaging technologies to study how the interactions of millions of signaling molecules organize and effect end cell signaling function. In tandem, we are translating this knowledge to develop single molecule technologies in the fields of personalized diagnostics ad ultrasensitive proteomics. Our work uses a multi-disciplinary approach that draws from neuroscience, chemistry, and biophysics and is seated in the emerging fields of bio-nanotechnology and nanomedicine.


Miniaturized Ultrasensitive Imaging Platforms for Single Cell Drug Screening in Cancer and Infectious Disease

(In collaboration with Knight Cancer Institute and Oregon National Primate Center (ONPRC), OHSU).


Our lab has developed a technology for the multiplexed quantification of proteins in single cells with exceptionally sensitive evaluation of the drug response. The assay utilizes direct discrete probe quantification without the need of additional amplification.

















Along with small volume cell requirements enabling the assaying of samples of limited cell number, screening of drug combinations in primary patient samples, and the quantification of low abundance targets including phosphoproteins. We are translating this platform technology for high throughput, personalized screening of drug candidates in leukemia and sensitive detection of disease burden in HIV, and other infectious diseases.



Dissecting Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Receptor Signaling

(In collaboration with OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine (OCSSB), OHSU )


We are employing single molecule imaging techniques with quantum dots and other dyes to extract information on protein location and motion in the intracellular environment of cells in order to understand cellular signaling. This includes, study of  the spatiotemporal dynamics of ERB receptors in breast cancer, and neurotrophin growth factor signaling in the nervous system.


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Multiplexed detection of rare stem cells (green) and quantifying phosphoproteins (magenta) in leukemia patient cells

Molecular detection of HIV using the miniaturized ultrasensitive Imaging platform.